Continuing on our way up to Sa Pa, we stayed a couple days in Da Nang. Super hot, but way beautiful! That was the first time I had been to a beach with palm trees, smooth white sand and beautiful aqua waters. Just like you see out of those tropical paradise calendars. We stayed at The Finger Hotel --giggle, giggle. Why it's called that, I have no idea. I'll leave that up to your own imagination. The staff there were super nice and most spoke Engish very well. Sophie was a fan amongst most of them.

We were on the 7th floor of the hotel. The view was spectacular! Sophie enjoyed looking out the widow at the city. We had an amazing view of the ocean too. 

This was Sophie's first time at the beach! She loved digging her hands and toes into the sand. As I buried her legs in the sand, every now and then she would peek her little toes up. I'd tickle them and she bust in laughter. She thought it was the funniest thing. 

Sophie's classic "surprise face." Gotta love it!

Our loyal and trusted Osprey carrier, The Enterprise, has been a lot of cool places. Now we can say that it's journeyed with us to the tropical sandy beaches of Da Nang, Vietnam. (Danny wants put patches on it marking all the places we've been with it.) 

The water was so warm. Sophie just wanted to sit in it and splash. Her diaper got so full of water and sand that we ended up taking it off and let her go nude for a while. She didn't mind al all, haha. I think she liked the breeze. 


Going to the beach was a lot of fun! Sophie stayed nice and protected from the sun thanks to her awesome long-sleeve swim suit. Best invention ever! I'm surprised she kept her sun hat on too. Normally it's a battle with her to keep it on. She must have been so mesmerized by the sand that she totally forgot she was wearing it. 

Get ready for some more exciting posts about our visit in Da Nang coming soon!