Overlooking Da Nang stands the 72 meter statue of Lady Buddha. Nestled on the side of Monkey Mountain, the white marbled statue is referred to as The Female Buddha, The Goddess of Mercy, The Emotional Rescuer, and The Jewel in The Lotus. 

With beautiful bonsai gardens, intriguing pagodas, and breathtaking views of the ocean, I would definitely put this on your "to do" list to visit if your ever in Da Nang.

Sophie was asleep half the time we were there. She must've been tuckered out from all the fun we had at the beach the day before.

This was probably my favorite spot to take pictures. Hardly anyone was there and the view through the arches with the ocean in the background look like something out of a painting!

Playing around with the GoPro. We love the wide angle feature so we can get everything in the picture.  Danny was thinking about buying a wide angle lens for the DSLR, but decided that the GoPro was more versatile.  Plus, it was a lot cheaper!

Sophie admiring a marbled mural at the base of the statue. Sometimes I wonder what she's thinking in that little noggin of hers.

I know that this lotus flower looks completely fake, but I can assure you that it is in fact real!

Unfortunately, we were only there for about an hour. I wish we would have had a longer time to explore inside the pagodas and to really soak in all in (from the shade, that is.)