9 months is such a fun stage! Sophie's personality is really starting to shine through! She's becoming more active which means she's a busy busy bee. Always finding boxes, baskets and cupboards to dig through and examine the things inside. And she's walking!!! I can hardly believe it! She just seems way to little to be doing that. Instead of nonsensical babbling it's slowly turning into words and phrases. She can say mom, ma ma, mom mom, dad, da da, daddy, yum yum, yeah, hi, and she's close to saying ball, bath, book, dog, hello, bye bye, and I love you! At her last doctors appointment she weighed 16 pounds and was 27 inches tall. She finally got her very first tooth! It's been a rough couple of weeks with soar gums and fevers up to 102 degrees but she's doing a lot better now.

We went for a walk the other day. It's crazy how nice the weather has been this winter. Sophie had fun examining/eating the grass, twigs and leaves. It's so cute to see her putter around and do her own thing. She's curious about everything! It amazes me how fast babies minds develop. The doctor was telling me that babies brains develop more in the first 3 years then they do in the entire human life span! That's insane! I love being a mom and getting see one of Gods beautiful creations grow right before my very eyes.