I haven't really posted any side profiles of my baby bump, so I thought I would post some. I'm already 25 weeks! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going! I hate to say it, but so far it's been a breeze—I better go knock on wood or something. I hope I don't jinx it, but I've only thrown up twice: once after Thanksgiving dinner, because I ate way too much, and once during Christmas break because I was sick with the flu (which was so not fun). Other than that I just make sure I eat something right away in the morning and throughout the day so I don't feel nauseous and I'm good. Baby girl is doing great too! She really likes to move around. At our last checkup appointment our doctor said everything looks great. She is even measuring a week bigger than we thought! The last ultrasound pictures we got of her were so precious. I seriously can't wait for her to come. It's been so fun planning out how we want to decorate the nursery. We have already found a crib on KSL for $100. It was a Dwell Studio crib so I just couldn't pass it up! It did have a few dings—mostly bite marks—on it, so we decided that we are going to sand it down and repaint it white. I will try and post that whole process later. Along with the colors, fabrics and decor we are going to use for the rest of the nursery.

Well, here are my 25th week maternity shots. Yesterday when we got home from church the sunset was just so pretty that we had to go out and take pictures. Danny's getting so good at photography! I keep telling him that he needs to get his name out there and do paid photo shoots but he seems to think he's not good enough. Pshh! He's way good and I am so lucky to have him be my own personal photographer.