Sophia is now a month old! Danny took some darling pictures of her wearing the red polka dot dress I made. She's doing great! She's still pretty tiny and the Doctor said that's fine as long as shes gradually gaining weight. Breastfeeding has been a beast and struggle for her and I, both, to figure out but hopefully it will get better soon. The other day we went on our first stroll together up Rock Canyon and she stayed asleep the entire time! I had her in a tight baby sling and I think it made her feel like she was back in the womb again. Soph seems to like being outside, which is wonderful news since we love going on adventures in the great outdoors. Her favorite lullaby music to listen to is Fleet Foxes. Their music is so soothing and lulls you into a deep woodsy dreamland sleep. I love it too! Sophie hates taking baths and having lotion rubbed all over her and screams pretty much the entire time. She loves having her chin tickled and sometimes we can even get her to smile. Her little baby smiles are the sweetest thing and melt me to the very core.