Moving to Cambridge meant leaving a lot of things behind. All the things you accumulate over five years of marriage. The blender we got for Christmas 2014. The climbing gear we’ve gathered over the years. The lime green chaise.

Of all the things we left behind, however, the car was the thing that represented the biggest lifestyle change.

I’d like to say that when we lived in Provo we cycled a lot, and tried to keep driving to a minimum. I didn’t realize how dependent we were on the car until moving here and living completely free from one. I also didn’t realize how easy it would be to manage not having a car. We’ll post some tips for using bikes as your primary mode of transportation in AVIS soon. Keep an eye out.

We’ve had a lot of fun cycling around the city, and to surrounding villages… and really, just exploring the countryside surrounding Cambridge.

Here are a bunch of pictures of our cycling adventures in Cambridge!

This sweet old lady came out and chatted with us for a few minutes when I was snapping some pics of the church. She was very excited that there were kids in the trailer. Very excited.

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